Abpc (agaricus blazei practical compound)

Name: Abpc (agaricus blazei practical compound)

Adverse Reactions

Since we have released ABPC in Japan 7 years ago, no adverse reaction have been reported. The acute toxicity test with mice 1),2),3) proved safety of ABPC .


  1. Test report dated December 4, 1997 conducted by The Japan Food Analysis Center
  2. Test report dated June 14, 2002 conducted by Japan Applied Microbiology Research Institute Ltd.
  3. Test report dated June 26, 2002 conducted by The Japan Food Analysis Center


Women who are pregnant or in a period of lactation and infant should better avoid to take. Although no sign of adverse reaction observed in taking a large amount, it is better not to exceed 5 times of daily dosage.

How Supplied

The box contains 90 sticks (Total amount 90 gr). Each stick contains 1.0 gr granule of ABPC .

However, We can also supply in the shape of tablet.

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